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Stanley Park Anniversary Session in Vancouver

Ready to cry? I wasn't. But that definitely was not an option when working with Tessa & Ryan. Two minutes into the session, Tessa was already tearing up when I asked her to tell Ryan a few things she loved about him. They have been together for 10 years, and are more in love than ever. It was such a pleasure to run around the park, and just watch these two interact & witness their love.

Tessa cried about 17 times (me? probably 30..), and Tessa finally got Ryan to tear up by writing him a beautiful love letter. I asked for Ryan to read it out loud on the steps by the lighthouse, so that I could capture that moment in time forever. It was such a beautiful, intimate moment - and now they will have it forever.

Couples like these two are what make my heart happy. My main goal in photography is to capture love in it's truest, most natural form - and these two made that goal easy to achieve.




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