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Winter Engagement at Jones Lake

I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot at Jones Lake - it has been on my location bucket list for as long as I can remember! However, the road is just a tad (sarcasm, it's a lot) bumpy & it's just better to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get up there; especially in the winter! So when Marissa & Brock booked in for their session, I dangled the idea of shooting at Jones Lake - and luckily they took the bait! We truly could not have asked for a nicer day, and it was such a fun day trip! I met them at their house, and then we all piled into Brock's truck and started to make our way to Hope. Marissa & I caught up and reminisced about when we used to play softball together in our teens, and I showed them a new phone game that I had been playing. After our session, we set up a little bonfire & had some snacks, before making the journey back to Surrey. It was truly such a perfect day.

And with a view like this... you cannot take a bad picture.


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