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Backyard Wedding in Surrey BC

How do I even begin to describe my love for Samantha & Davis? Back in 2020, Sam had booked me for a fall mini session. Unbeknownst to her (AND TO ME! Still traumatized by the fact I didn't know and was totally not prepared hahaha) Davis planned to propose during the session. He dropped down to one knee, everyone was in shock, Sam said yes, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to exactly one year later, and I was capturing their wedding day. We really came full circle there.

Their wedding was simply perfect. Every single detail was tailored to the two of them, and it was all about celebrating with their loved ones & having a good time. Sam was truly one of the most beautiful brides (shout out to Ceremone Studio who created a beautiful jewelry set for Sam & her bridesmaids), and Davis looked as dashing as ever in his kilt.

From a first look with her dad; to driving around in her dad's sweet ride; to the beautiful, fun & intimate ceremony; to Davis crying throughout the entire day (I dare you to find a picture where he isn't crying and I absolutely love him for that reason); to the epic party that followed - the day was just absolutely perfect.

I cannot wait to capture the next life milestone for these two!

Maybe.... babies....!?!

Stay tuned.


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