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I am SO glad you are here! We're about to be the best of friends.

Let's get the formalities out of the way; Hi - I'm Kaitlyn, a Vancouver BC Wedding & Elopement Photographer! And I capture people's most precious moments for a living. Honestly, it is the BEST job in the world. Picking up my camera & becoming a full-time photographer quite literally changed my life. A few years ago, this was all just a dream; and now every day I get to wake up & do what I love & what brings me joy. I am living my dream.

I was always that girl with a camera in her hand. I used to bring my old point & shoot camera with me everywhere I went. I truly just loved remembering every little moment with my friends.

And then I graduated high school & was gifted my first DSLR (aka my first fancy camera), and it was basically game-over after that.

My true passion for photography took over when I shot my first couples session. I was hooked. There was something about freezing those lovey-dovey moments forever. It's pure magic.

Photography is my outlet. It saved me. It's my true passion.

And I cannot wait to share it with you.

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marvel fanatic,
sarcasm driven,
and fueled by chocolate.

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The best moments in life are the candid, unposed, and REAL moments. The ones we take for granted. The moments with no stress, no pressure, no expectations. No forced smiles. No faking it until you make it. Just genuine, real emotions.

Those are the moments you will want to remember. Those are the moments you'll look back on when you're 95 and telling your grandkids all about your life.

And those are the moments I am here to capture for you.


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My Favourite Snack

movie popcorn

Dream Vacation Spot

greece & italy

What I'm known for

throwing sick parties

I cannot live without


Favourite Season

fall - the colours!

I'm addicted to


Go-to beverage

iced tea or wine

What I love about myself

my sense of humour

I'm terrified of

literally all  insects

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