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Well hello there! I'm Kaitlyn & I think we're about to become good friends!

Let's get all the formalities out of the way, why don't we? I'm your Vancouver BC Wedding & Elopement Photographer! It's my job to capture your precious moments for you to look back on for years to come - and I truly cannot believe this is what I do for a living. I have the BEST FUCKING JOB EVER! Making the decision to be a wedding photographer full-time quite literally changed my life, and making memories with you brings me so much joy. I am the happiest I have ever been, doing what I do.

Whether we're on a mountain top, or exploring a forest, or frolicking on a sandy beach, or getting cozy in a studio, I am SO ready to capture every moment with you.

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all about kaitlyn

  • I am an avid romance reader. In 2023, I read 456 romance books. Yes, I know it's insane. It's an addiction. My kindle is my BFF.

  • I am a Virgo, empath, enneagram 8, and an ESFJ personality. All of this just means that I am incredibly emotional, protective, decisive, loyal, compassionate & a straight-talker.

  • My go-to comfort shows are Brooklyn-99, New Girl, The Office & One Tree Hill.

  • My music taste is ALL over the place. But I am for sure a swiftie. It's okay if you're not. We all have our flaws.

  • At every wedding, I HAVE to have a coke with dinner. It's tradition. So please have coke available. Thanks.

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bucket list destinations


I would absolutely LOVE to travel to wherever you want to show off your love.

I am down to go anywhere in the world to capture your memories,

but if you happen to be going to one of the locations below,

then get in touch for a special offer!

  • tofino, bc

  • italy

  • ireland

  • switzerland

  • france

  • banff, ab

  • greece

  • scotland

  • croatia

  • iceland


marvel fanatic,
sarcasm driven,
and fueled by chocolate.

  • I love to plan parties! All of my birthday parties are always a hit with my friends & family. And my friends always come to me for planning advice & inspo. It's probably what I would do as a career, if I wasn't a photographer.

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