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Intimate Wedding at Fraser River Lodge

For as long as I have been professionally photographing people's love; I have wanted to shoot at the Fraser River Lodge. I think it's humanly impossible to not fall in love with this Venue. You get an extraordinary view of Mt.Cheam, and even on a gloomy day like this, the mountain does not disappoint. You also have the wild Fraser River flowing behind you, and Buffalo grazing in the fields near you. It's easy to see why this couple chose to have their ceremony here.

I've worked with Seth & Alex twice before their big day, and they are the most chill & easy-going couple I have ever met. I was so excited to capture their Wedding Day for them. My favourite part of the day was sneaking away with them to capture some private moments throughout the day. A close second, is when a rescue helicopter landed in the field of the lodge; don't worry, every one was safe. The day was filled with laughter, love, beer, and it was absolutely perfect. Cheers to my first solo wedding in the books, and to the lovely couple.

xo, Kaitlyn


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