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Blackie Spit Golden Hour Session

Meet my new friends, Savitri & Roman - the absolutely cutest couple to have ever existed. Look at them in their little coordinating denim outfits. My heart.

They have been together for NINE years! Amazing. Their love is so honest, and true; it was honestly a blessing to be able to witness it & capture it forever.

We frolicked around Blackie spit, joined by their adorable dog, Ammo. Roman was in the armed forces for a while (and now he is a cop, just graduated!) - that's how they got the name Ammo. Totally fits this wild child of a dog.

After the session, Savitri texted me "apologizing" that Roman wasn't listening to my instructions very well, but he confessed that he couldn't look at Sav for too long, or he would start crying. So he's obviously completely forgiven, and I have decided to stay single until I find me a man like Roman - can't look at me without crying.

Anyways, here they are being in love and being adorable.




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