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Maternity Session at Pitt Lake

Riccia is a dear friend of mine! We've worked together for over 4 years now, and bonded straight away when I started there! She is one of the strongest, and coolest, people I know. Mike & Riccia were set up by friends, and they married 6 months later - talk about love at first sight! They have travelled the world, rescued a dog, and now, they're getting ready to welcome a little bundle of joy.

I honestly cannot express how happy I am for the two of them, and when she asked me to do her maternity photos for her; I almost cried. I mean a) they are such a good looking couple, so it's a photographer's dream, but b) I was so grateful to be trusted to capture such an important time for them.

We went out to Pitt Lake, which if you haven't been - GO! It's photography heaven; tall mountains, beautiful waterfront trails, surrounded by nothing but valleys & fields. We had to battle for the best spots with a lululemon commericial, but we got the shots!

I cannot wait until baby is born, and we can do this all over again!




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