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29th Birthday Beach Picnic in Vancouver

I love to give you all a look at my personal life, and what I do with my time outside of Photography (and honestly, it's not much. Sleeping, eating, binge watching... the usual). One of my favourite hobbies is to plan events! I absolutely love planning out the decor, and the food, and making sure the aesthetic is Pinterest-worthy. Not to toot my own horn - but I'm not too shabby at it either!

This past summer I turned 29, I wanted to get all my close friends together for a golden hour picnic.... but make it boujie and extra, because it's me. It's my last year of my twenties - it deserved to be a bit extra.

I hired Remy June Events to help with coordinating and setting everything up. I probably could have done it myself, but I truly didn't want to be stressed out at all & I wanted to be able to just show up and enjoy my party. I have ZERO regrets with hiring a coordinator. Remy was absolutely amazing, and I truly adore her. She has such a great vision and is 100% able to just take a glance at your mood board, and create the event of your dreams.

Elena over at Elena Artistry to make me feel like an absolute goddess - and I truly did. My hair was so pretty, and my makeup felt so nice on my skin & made me feel so pretty!

I also hired my friends at Whisked Cookie Co to create these STUNNING personalized cookies. I told them to just surprise me - and they went above and beyond. They so perfectly fit my vibe and personality, and I was in absolute shock when I saw them.

And finally, I got my friend Estefani from De La Flore Design to whip up this beautiful floral arrangement for me. Estefani is a floral QUEEN, and she is my go-to for any of my, or my clients, floral needs. She has such an amazing eye, and everything she creates is truly breath-taking.

I loved planning this for myself, and my friends. It was something to focus on other than work, but still fueled my creative brain. I created these cute name cards with each girl's name, and a thank you note, and info for who to tag when they shared the images on their socials. I included some of my personal decor to the set-up to make it even more personalized. And my friend Olivia baked me the most beautiful & delicious cake. For real - I ate that cake for 3 days straight and it was one of the best tasting cakes I've ever had. Thanks liv! I appreciate you.

Anyways - if you think this is extra... just wait for my 30th birthday. Check back in August.


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