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Kaitlyn Mari Photography Branding - The "new" me!

You know what they say - New Year, New me.

In this case, it's new branding!

Welcome to my newly renovated website! I really wanted my site to be warm, welcoming & playful; and I wanted to stand out amongst all the other amazingly talented photographers in BC. There's a trend of having neutral colours, minimal designs, spiky fonts - and hey, it's a trend for a reason... it's stunning! But if I followed along with the trend, I would blend in - and that's just not how I roll.

I teamed up with my friend Tess over at Wednesday Creative Co., and started the task of creating branding that matched my personality & vibe. I've worked with Tess a few times before this; she modeled for a styled session I planned, and I have shot her branding & her bridal shower. So by this point, we had become pretty good friends & there was no one else I trusted my vision with.

I actually went in to the whole re-brand with a completely different vision. I thought I wanted a super boho, wilderness vibe; pampas grass, neutral colours, simple fonts... that whole deal. And then after the first couple meetings with Tess I just felt like I wasn't happy with my vision. Tess was doing everything perfectly, but I realized I actually didn't know what I wanted. Seeing that I was a bit "lost", Tess asked me to go around my apartment and snap pics of all of my favourite elements in my apartment. Could be a piece of art, a pillow, a vase... anything that spoke to me. At first I thought she had maybe had one too many beers, but alas... I did it anyways & sent them off to her. Our next meeting she came back with the newest set of revisions based off of the elements I sent her... AND OH MY GOD. That was it. It was everything I wanted, without knowing it was what I wanted. It was warm, and fun, and playful, with a retro touch, and a boho vibe... all mixed in to one.

I truly cannot express enough gratitude for the work that Tess did. She went above and beyond, and I am so incredibly happy with the end result. This is the first time I have actually invested in my branding; before this, I just did it all myself (and it was fine, but it always felt like something was missing). And it just finally feels like my brand perfectly represents who I am & my personality & how I want to come off to my beloved clients.

So thank you Tess! I love you!


First up, these cute little backgrounds she drew for me. I'll use them for Instagram stories & emails.

Next up, my logos. I have a couple secondary logos, but these are the two I have been using the most. I love them so much. Tess hand-traced the drawing of me from one of my favourite self-portraits.

This is the photo that inspired Tess.

And then my little "tag line". I had been using this before the rebrand, but always just as a part of my Instagram bio and nothing more. Tess was able to merge it into my actual brand, and I absolutely love it. I am going to get t-shirts made. And maybe a hoodie. And maybe a mask (hopefully we won't need them at all anymore, but a cute little branded one would be adorable). Basically I want everything to have this cute little quote on it. It's just..... SO CUTE.

So here I am world! I'm feeling all brand-new and shiny, and ready to conquer the world!

Bring on 2022!

(Let me know if you want a t-shirt. Maybe I'll start a merch store. Then I'll feel like an influencer,)


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