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Top Vancouver BC Locations for Engagement Sessions

Man oh man, we live in one beautiful province! Which is great for us; but it sure does make it difficult to narrow it down to one spot for your photo session. Have no fear - that's what I am here for! I have spent many o' hours scouting out locations across the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley for my clients, and I definitely have some all-time favourite spots.

Ideally, your session should take place in a spot that is meaningful to you. This will be one of the first questions I will ask when we're discussing location. Think of somewhere that you love to go to; the park you walk your dog, the building you met, the beach you said I love you for the first time. Picking a spot that you're connected to, will show through in your images.

If you don't immediately have a location that pops into your head, my follow up question will be: What kind of vibe are you wanting? Mountainous views, by the water, urban streets, open field or lush forest. I will then provide you recommendations based off of the vibe you want for your session.

All that being said, here are a few of my favourite spots across the Greater Vancouver Area. Happy planning!




Probably one of my favourite golden hour spots. Something about the golden sun just hits differently here. I have shot here in every season of the year, and it never lets me down. The park provides lots of variety for backdrops, and like I said - you cannot go wrong with the golden light by the water or in the wide open field.


If you want to feel like you're in a Nicholas Sparks movie - this is the spot for you! I can't explain it, there's just something so dreamy & magical about the long grass the leads right out to the water, and blows in the wind. There is also fields with wild flowers, trails, and if the tide is out, a wide open beach to run around on.


A classic! One of my go-to spots (probably 95% of photographer's too). If you're looking for the "I want to frolic in a field of long grass" vibe - this is it, this is the spot. The park also provides a variety of options from forested areas, cute trails, a red barn, and shorter grass if the long option isn't your vibe. You cannot go wrong with shooting at this park! Alternatively, there is also Aldergrove Bowl - which is somewhat similar and just a little further down the road.


Jericho, Acadia, Spanish Banks, Locarno, Third, Wreck, Ambleside - pick your poison! We live in a city with a beach around every corner, and they're all equally as beautiful! You truly cannot go wrong with a beach location.


I find this one to be a bit of a controversial location for local photographers! Some hate it, some love it - I personally really enjoy shooting at Stanley Park for the variety of the backdrops. City Views, the lighthouse, forest access, beaches, open field. It kind of has a little bit of everything & you can easily have 4 different backdrops in one session. So for the couples who can't decide what vibe they want - Stanley Park is a definite contender.


I have never seen a park quite as beautiful as this one! Mossy, lush forests with a beautiful lake and multiple trails along the creeks. I really love shooting here, because each session can look SO different. The park is massive, and you're never going to shoot in the exact same spot twice. Sunrise is absolutely stunning here, and the park always provides the most epic light rays.


If you're looking for epic mountain views, with a bit of a twist - this is the spot for you. There's a beautiful massive lake that offers gorgeous views & reflections, grassy fields for you to roam around in (If it's not been raining - otherwise it's a bit marshy), and back roads to play around with. Whether its a stunning summer day, or a gloomy fall afternoon - this spot never disappoints.


I live for an urban back drop! Whether we're running wild on a parkade rooftop, wandering in back alleys, or hitting up cool doorways - every single urban session is unique, and that's why it's one of my favourite locations to suggest! Pick a neighbourhood, any neighbourhood, and let's explore!


If you are both home bodies, and feel the most comfortable in your own home, then let's shoot there!


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