Yuni & Brandt | Downtown Vancouver Couples Session

Meet my new best friends! I strive to leave every session becoming good friends with my clients; and I can tell you that these two & I, are definitely friends now.

Yuni & Brandt are the coolest couple. They both grew up in Tennessee, and then lived in multiple cities throughout the United States. They got married in Iceland. Moved to Barcelona. And now, they live in Madrid. I am beyond jealous. Why are they in Vancouver you ask? COVID. Yuni was here for work, and Brandt came to visit her. Just as Brandt was about to leave to go home to Madrid, the lockdown started. They could have gone home to Spain, but they decided to stay in Vancouver, as it was not on full lockdown; AKA, they could leave their apartment. So, fast forward 4 months, and they're still "stuck" in Vancouver. But they weren't complaining; they loved the city. And since they loved the city so much, they wanted to get some pictures to have as memories. That's where I entered the story.

Our shoot was filled with bad jokes, goofy vibes & lots of laughing. We started with some cozy shots in their beautiful townhome air bnb, and then we walked along the seawall and got some scenic shots! Afterwards, we went and got some food & beer (lots of beer), and stayed out until midnight. They have convinced me to move to Spain, so byeeee see you there!

They're leaving back to Spain in a few days, and I will miss them! But that just means I'll have to hop on a plane and go see them. Soon.