2021 Winter Mini Sessions

I love to host mini session days! Mini sessions are not something I offer as a normal service day-to-day; but every now & then I host days where I have a bunch of them in a row and these days are always so much fun! Normally they're open to everyone - couples, families & solos! But for Valentines Day, I thought it would be nice to just offer some lovely couples a chance to showcase their love for one another.

I had 5 amazing couples join me on an INCREDIBLY windy afternoon, and we made some beautiful magic together. I loved hearing all of their stories, and witnessing each unique relationship. It was absolutely freezing outside, but inside my heart it was all warm & fuzzy! (too cheesy? or just the right amount? You be the judge!)

Anyways, here's 5 adorable couples being super duper in love - enjoy!

PS: I am hosting my next mini session day on April.3rd, and have a couple spots left (as of today), so if you're interested, please reach out on Instagram or email me at hello@kaitlynmariphotography.com!