2020 Summer Mini Sessions

I love mini sessions! They're not something I offer 365 days of the year, but I normally have mini session events every season! I held this years summer minis at Blackie Spit Park, in Surrey. I love them because I get to know so many people in such a quick amount of time.

Saturday, I had a family of 4, an adorable couple & a mom and daughter duo. We dealt with spontaneous downpours & wind, but it all worked out for the best.

Sunday, I worked with a mom & her adorable toddler who was having absolutely none of it that day, some siblings and their dogs & finally, one more couple to end things off. The park was INSANELY packed, and it took me 40 minutes just to find a parking spot, only to have to walk for 20 more minutes to get to the meeting spot. But everyone was so easy going, and we eventually got back on schedule. This is why I leave time in between all of the sessions.

These were such a success that I decided to open up my calendar for a second round of them - so stay tuned for those! If you're reading this, and interested in booking a Summer Mini Session, please email me at hello@kaitlynmariphotography.com to inquire!