2020 Summer Golden Hour Mini Sessions

Man oh man, I just can't get enough of these mini sessions! My sessions back in June were such a hit, so I decided to open up my calendar for a second round - and they did not disappoint! I love mini sessions, because they're quick and easy (for all parties), and I get to meet so many people in such a short amount of time! I love hearing everyone's stories, and watching all of these different dynamics work together.

This round was held at Mud Bay Park in Surrey, which is one of my top locations! It just offers such a wide variety of backgrounds, and moods, all in one park!

On Saturday, I two adorable families & two beautiful couples. I started with the Dhillon family, and Maheep kept joking that Daria looked like Jesus in her white flowy dress; but if that's how stylish Jesus was - then sign me up! I then moved on to Gina & Jeffrey, who are expecting their first child together, and took this opportunity to get in some maternity/announcement photos! Next up was Mehak & Shivam, who absolutely slayed the style game & were so chill with every weird position I put them in. Finally, I ended the night with some gorgeous golden lighting for the Wilkinson clan, and their little wild child, Emily, loved exploring the park.

On Sunday, I unfortunately had a cancellation for the first slot (due to the poor son getting hit in the head with a bat, and having a massive welt in the middle of his forehead) - so you'll see a makeup session for that coming soon! But we made up for it with the three sessions I did have that night. Salina & Adam took my breath away, and were the absolute best sports & we bonded instantly. I mean - look at them, there wasn't a bad picture in the bunch!! Second up, was Kelloran & Ben, and their wild child Felicity. She wanted to just run around and play, and I love that - family sessions are never going to be perfect. Kids aren't perfect - they want to play and run, and be goofy, and mess up their dress - so let them! Capture them in their true forms - that's what you'll want to remember. Lastly, I ended the weekend with the sweetest couple in the world, Neeru & Harvey. They've been married for 40 years, and they're everything I want for my future. We had the best night together - and believe it or not, this was their first time having their photos taken (can't tell, right?)

Thank you to all of my mini sessions (both June & August!) - I left both weekends feeling so full of love and so grateful.

I can't wait to plan my fall sessions! In the meantime, I am offering a discount on Family, Maternity & Couples sessions for the remainder of August & for September. If you're interested in frolicking in the golden light & becoming friends - contact me!

Chat again soon,