Reshmi | Blackie Spit Golden Hour Portraits

This girl and I had been trying to work together for over 3 months. She reached out to me on Instagram, and we decided we wanted to do a golden hour session, with a casual vibe and then a dressy vibe. We had it all planned out, and then it poured rain that day. We rebooked; and I had to reschedule due to a family emergency. We rescheduled; she had to rebook due to a medical emergency. And so on and so on. FINALLY, the stars aligned, and the weather was on our side, we powered through a session tonight; and to say the least, I am OBSESSED. She truly knows how to work the camera, and that golden hour lighting was amazing. I couldn't wait to share the images! On top of being absolutely beautiful, Reshmi is also a huge advocate for Mental Health and you can watch her youtube videos by clicking here.