Fraser Valley Fall Engagement

Some would say their perfect Sunday involves not putting on proper pants, and not leaving the house. Others would say it involves climbing up a mountain. My perfect Sunday, you ask? Spending it with a cutie couple & frolicking around & making them laugh. And that's exactly what we did!

These two are getting married in August 2020, and asked me to capture their happiness as they embark on the next step of their relationship. They were down for anything & everything; which included *trespassing* onto a farm to use a red barn, hopping over ditches & running towards golden light. They even had to deal with my car door not opening, and helping me get in/out of my car. It was also a total bonus and surprise that Brandon's family owns & runs my favourite farm, Aldor Acres. So we got to frolick around one of my favourite spots.

You can absolutely see the love and adoration these two share for one another. Their inner children come out when they are together, and they are so patient & loving. I had the best time with you, E & B! Look forward to the next one.